In 2015 Federico Santi began his permanent collaboration with the Mariinsky Theater and he was introduced to the method of Ilya Musin, to date one of the most, if not the most complete method of conducting technique never thought of and structured.

Thanks to a long and in-depth study with Vladimir Korchmar, former student of Musin and senior conducting teacher at St. Petersburg Conservatoire, Federico discovered and gradually deepened the study and the practice of the Musin method, of which he is today a strong supporter.

Gradually did he discover the natural and sincere passion for teaching orchestral conducting, in which he leads and becomes the continuer of the complex and relevant Musin method.


February-March 2020 https://sites.google.com/view/elisirdamoremaastricht/home Two assistants with performances in “L’Elisir d’amore”, Conservatorium Maastricht

28-29 November 2020  https://sites.google.com/view/conductingmaastricht/home-page Conducting Workshop “La Traviata”, Hoeve de Croon Maastricht

October-November 2021 https://sites.google.com/view/cosifantutte/home-page Course in Opera conducting “Così fan tutte”, Conservatorium Maastricht

February-March 2022 https://www.conservatoriummaastricht.nl/events/opera-les-contes-dhoffmann Two assistants with performances in “Les contes d’Hoffmann”, Conservatorium Maastricht

September 2022 https://sites.google.com/view/conductingcourse/home Course in Opera conducting “I Capuleti e Montecchi” Bellini, Conservatorium Maastricht

February-March 2023 https://www.conservatoriummaastricht.nl/events/conservatorium-maastricht-opera-led-federico-santi-and-conducting-students Two assistants with performances in “Le nozze di Figaro”, Conservatorium Maastricht



“Studying with Federico was a life-changing experience. He made me understand conducting in the most essential and honest way. He always made me question everything, helping me become a better, more sensitive musician. He really transformed my conducting with his lessons, advices, but most of all, with his inspiring musicianship and personality”.
Julia Cruz Carceller

“Federico Santi has played a big part in my development as a conductor, musician and person. His contagious passion for opera and for educating young conductors, alongside his extensive international experience is of immense value for anyone who would want to pursue a career in the opera world. His teachings have prepared me in the best way possible to hopefully succeed in my conducting career. I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher!”
Leon Frantzen-Malesani

“Studying with Federico has been a great discovery for me, helping me with the preparation of competitions and important auditions, but also with basic conducting issues. He increases my passion towards the music and towards the working process with the musicians. He does this creating a very respectful environment with the pupil but getting to the point very seriously. He combines the theory and the practice in a very efficient way making the understanding of every conducting question very clear, and his way of expressing his ideas is so contagious that my rehearsals after a lesson with him are full of positive energy and inspiration!”
Txemi Urzain Etxebarria

“Maestro Santi is a great teacher. He feels singers and their voices well so studying opera with him was truly a great experience.
Maestro cares about each student and approaches them individually. He never demanded from me to conduct only in his way. He keeps a perfect balance of control and students’ freedom.
I also cannot forget his help outside the hours of our masterclass. He was trying to help me and make me feel great. A rare professor does that. Would highly recommend.”

Adomas Jankovič
Vilnius Lithuania

“I was allowed to conduct two opera projects under the musical direction of Federico Santi. For me, these were groundbreaking experiences. I was deeply impressed by Federico’s way of working with singers and instrumentalists and passing on his experiences. Despite his extensive international experience, Federico treats everyone equal and is very approachable!”
Christoph Schiffers

“Federico’s focus is both the gesture and the mind of the conductor. He works on building an essential gesture technique, eliminating all the unnecessary movements. Especially in opera repertoires there are many spots where conductors without enough practical experience struggle. In these cases he has in his hands a variety of solutions and suggestions, suited specifically for each student“.
Junichiro Watahiki

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